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Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It was meant to answer the age old question of which martial art style was the most effective. Now, the training MMA fighters go through in preparation for each fight has become a point of interest for many fitness enthusiasts. It is the perfect cardio workout that combines strength, focus and endurance. And now we are bringing it to Fizzique Fitness for all of the women, men and couples in York Region who are looking for the best possible stress relieving workout around.

*If you suffer from an injury, notify us before your first session so we can make modifications on specific exercises to ensure you still get a great workout the safest way possible.

What to expect from the workouts:

Transform your body with this intense cardio and conditioning training routine. You will train for a full 30 minutes of non-stop MMA cardio action. Improve your standing and ground striking skills with a variety of workouts that are both fun and intense. Our workout is an empowering and motivating session for everyone who is looking to get fit, be challenged and destress.

This training is perfect for men and women of all ages and skill levels. Bring some aggression, bring some intensity and bring some attitude. While most kickboxing classes are similar to each other, Fizzique Fighter MMA has developed a variety of different training routines that are fun, motivating and work your entire body. Don't delay, this is the premier combat sports strength and conditioning workout. Are you ready?