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Alexis believes in motivating her clients to do their best. When goals and training programs are unattainable or too challenging this can de-motivate the client and make them feel as if they have failed or even worse create injuries. The program you receive will gradually build you up to achieve your goal but will be challenging at the same time to ensure you are successful and don’t fall off of the workout band wagon.

There are many benefits to choosing at home training. We can conveniently schedule your training sessions around other appointments. You will be in the comfort of your own home working out with your trainer. Your training session will be a progression into more challenging exercises.

Don't have any equipment in your home? Don't worry. Alexis brings the equipment to you. Whether it's weights, gliders, resistance bands, stability balls or even MMA/Boxing gloves and focus pads, you don't have to have one bit of equipment. And if you don't have the space in your home, Alexis invites you into hers. That's right, Fizzique Fitness now has a fully custom gym in Alexis' very own home with everything you will need to complete your workout routine with her. It has been custom designed to be the perfect state of the art at home gym. It is fit for working out in any season and packed full of amenities that are sure to make your session even more rewarding then going to a local membership based fitness facility. 

Alexis is 2nd to none when it comes to personal training. Each training program is designed based on the clients’ needs and goals. Her clients’ have experienced a ton of success with her programs and why they keep hiring her to motivate and customize their workouts. Whether you require an appointment each week to ensure success or are self-motivated and require a customized program every 6 weeks, Alexis has the knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

She is passionate, accommodating, motivating and an expert in her field.